Download Feedback Proformas

It is only possible to download proformas to mark with if one has been uploaded in the assessment settings. If a Feedback proforma has been included students will be able to access this to see where marks are being allocated.

If you need to check if a Feedback proforma is attached to the assessment

  1. Click on the This course drop down. number 1 grey
  2. Select the 'Assignments' option. number 2 grey
    Checking for feedback proformas

  3. If a proforma has been attached to the assessment, it will appear under the Feedback proforma column. If there is nothing listed and you want to use one you will need to add one to the settings of the assignment.
    Checking for feedback proforma 2

Bulk Download Feedback Files

  1. Once establishing you have attached a proforma for this assignment, select the assignment you want to download the proforma with. 
  2. Select the students you want to download the proforma for. number 1 grey Otherwise you can select all students. 
  3. Select 'Download Feedback proforma' from the With Selected... drop down. number 2 grey
  4. Click Gonumber 3 grey
    with selected menu_download feedback files

  5. Confirm you want to download the proforma by clicking OK
    confirm download template proforma

  6. If you don't want to include students who haven't submitted, change this option and click Refreshnumber 1 grey
  7. Change File naming convention to either the student username or ID. number 2 grey
  8. Click Download Feedback proforma.number 3 grey
    download feedback proforma

  9. If the output zip folder isn't too large the system will give you an option to click a link to save the folder straight away to your computer. Otherwise, it will send you an email with the zip folder in it.


    • The zipped folder's name is not important - you can call this what ever you like.
    • You must extract the files from the zipped folder before you start marking.
    • If the students have uploaded multiple files the system will download all the files for the student - you can not select certain files from a student before downloading this way.
    • DO NOT change the file name of the student submissions. If you change the file names you will not be able to get the system to bulk upload them.

Last modified: Friday, 3 January 2020, 8:33 AM