Add a Question From a Bank

Every learnonline course comes complete with a question bank, where all questions created for the course are stored. See the Adding a Question TO a Bank resource to learn how to add questions.

To add questions from a question bank to a quiz:

  1. Navigate to the quiz you want to add questions to.
  2. Click 'Edit quiz' from the ADMINISTRATION block.
    quiz - admin block - edit quiz

  3. Click the Add drop down. number 1 grey
  4. Select the '+ from question bank' option from the options. number 2 grey
    Quiz edit - add - question bank question

  5. Select the question bank category you want to add questions from.
    quiz edit - add question - select category

  6. Click the plus icon next to the question to add individual questions to the quiz.
    adding individual questions from banks

  7. To add multiple questions from this bank to the quiz, click on the checkboxes next to the questions you want to add. number 1 grey
  8. After selecting all of the questions you want, click Add selected questions to the quiznumber 2 grey
    adding multiple questions from bank

  9. Click the arrows icon to drag the questions into different positions.
    repositon questions

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 9:14 PM