Check Course Staff & Access

In order to ensure a smooth run through the entire study period we recommend that you ensure all staff have the correct access from the beginning.

You need to contact your school PCMS or Timetabler to get changes made.

You can check this through the Staff Portals' Teaching Dashboard Staff Tab once you have selected the desired course offering:

Teaching Portal_staff tab

Staff can be listed under two different areas: Course and Class Staff

Course Staff (data from PCMS)

  • Coordinators 

    • can release individual assessment grades (through the course site) to students
    • can create/copy Course Outline
    • can create/copy Course Site - Start Date must be prior to official Study Period start date in order to be able to do this
  • Administrator (Full) 

    • can edit the Course Outline
    • can edit the Course Site
  • Marker

    • can mark student submissions
      Note: there is no benefit in having them in PCMS, we recommend only having them in Medici

Class Staff (data from Medici)

  • Primary/Secondary Instructor

    • students will evaluate them if they are enrolled in the class they are associated with
    • can mark student submissions
    • can interact with students
    • can view student class photos
  • Administrator

    • students will not evaluate them
    • can mark student submissions
    • can interact with students
  • Marker

    • can mark student submissions
  • Result Entry Access Level

    • Grade will allow the staff member to enter Result Entry for that class
    • Approve will allow the staff member to approve students overall grades, but can not directly access Result Entry and in most instances also need to be listed with Grade access for classes.
    • Nothing listed means the staff member will not be able to get into Result Entry

Last modified: Thursday, 5 December 2019, 10:04 AM