View Responses

Who can view what?

Course Coordinators can view:

  •  Course evaluation responses
  •  Teacher evaluation responses for instructors in their course teaching team only

Instructors can view:

  • Responses for their own teacher evaluations only


Summary of Results

 The below screenshot is one of the core course questions that a Course Coordinator can view, displaying:

  • The core questions. number 1 grey
  • Bar graph of the responses received in each range. number 2 grey
  • Pie graph displaying responses grouped to; Disagree and below, Neutral, and Agree and above. number 3 grey
  • The response rate and the mean value of all responses to the question. number 4 grey 


Mean value calculation

The scale is a weighted mean, with possible values between 100 (strongly agree) and -100 (strongly disagree).

It is calculated as follows:

((#strongly agree * 100) + (#agree * 50) + (#neutral * 0) + (#disagree * -50) + (#strongly disagree * -100)) / total # of responses.

The result is then rounded to 2 decimal places.

Post evaluation reports

Post evaluation reports can be accessed via the BI Hub as follows:

Course evaluation

All staff can access course evaluation data via the Current Student Evaluations page on the BI Hub.

Teacher evaluation

Dean of Programs and Divisional Pro Vice Chancellors can access teacher evaluation data using resources in the Restricted Student Evaluation of Teaching Folder in BI Reporting.

Program Directors can request reports through their Dean of Programs who will lodge a VIP Request with Business Intelligence and Planning.

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