Assign Alternative Hosts

Before you start

  • Alternate-hosts need to be assigned prior to the meeting. If the meeting has already started see how to assign a Co-Host.
  • Alternate-hosts cannot run a separate session at the same time as the Host or other Alternate-hosts.
  • Alternate-hosts must have activated their UniSA Zoom account. To check, enter their name into the alternate-host field and press save.

Alternate host not linked.

  • To activate your UniSA Zoom account go to and sign in with a UniSA email.

Assign Alternate-Hosts

  1. Go to the Zoom meeting link.
    • In Learnonline create or locate the Zoom meeting activity. On the right hand side click edit. Scroll to the last field.


    • In the Desktop App Client open Meetings from the to menu. Select the meeting.  On LearnOnline OR open the Meeting in Zoom Desktop Client Or and edit.

edit in zoom screenshot


    • Go to open meetings from the left menu. Click the hyperlinked meeting name and scroll to the bottom. Click edit this meeting.

2. Add the persons full email address. To add more than one person separate the emails with a , or ;.

3. Click save.

4. The alternate hosts can join meetings via their Desktop Client or There is a guide for joining as an alternate hosts to avoid joining as a participant only.

Limitations of Alternate Hosts

  • Alternate hosts are unable to assign participants (students) to breakout rooms.
  • An alternate-host is unable to run a different session at the exact same time as the host.
  • They can record to both their computer and cloud. The recording will be saved in the original hosts cloud location.

Details about Zoom Roles at UniSA are in this help Resource and there is more Alternate Host privileges are on the Zoom website.

To allow for full host access, follow the help resources to Schedule for someone else.

Last modified: Sunday, 22 November 2020, 6:01 PM