Roles in Zoom at UniSA

  • Alternative Host
    • Set prior to the session. See the guide assigning Alternative-Hosts
    • This role is useful for:
      • If the host can no longer attend the co-host can run the session
      • Setting up a meeting for someone else
      • Allowing the whole teaching team to use meeting controls during a session; share screens, record and respond to chat questions 
    • Limitations of this role
      • Unable to run a meeting at the same time the host is running a different meeting
      • Unless they record to their computer drive, the recordings will be saved to the hosts cloud. (The host can forward them the link to download.)
      • If the hosts can accidentally join as a participant, see guide on how to join as a host.
      • Unable to assign participants breakout rooms.
      • Unable to access attendance list or meeting reports.
    • More information on the role Alternative Hosts can be found on the Zoom Site.

  • Co-host
    • Assigned during the meeting by the host, they cannot start the session. See the guide add Co-hosts.
    • This role is useful for:
      • Enabling an admin or IT Support person to troubleshoot
      • Allowing a member of the teaching team without prior host access to manage recordings
      • If one of the alternate-hosts has accidentally entered as a participant
      • Allowing a participant to share their screen
    • Co-hosts are unable to start sessions. Other limitations are detailed on the Zoom Site.

  • Participant: The role your guests, whether that be students or colleagues, join with the link emailed or shared in the Learnonline Zoom activity. Depending on settings they can:
    • View and hear content
    • Share video and audio
    • participate in chat, polls and enter breakout rooms
    • Record

Some features require participants to use the Zoom Desktop app and/or be logged in with their UniSA credentials. If they enter via Moodle they will be logged in correctly. There are guides on for accessing Zoom as a participant in the Learnonline Student Help.

Last modified: Monday, 23 March 2020, 1:10 PM