Restrict Access

The options outlined below are available in the settings of most activities and resources within learnonline (except summative assessments). Its main purpose is to only allow desired students to access certain items/areas of the course site.

You will need to create a Group or Grouping prior to attempting this.

They can be found by:

  1. On the course homepage, Turn editing onbutton - turn editing on
  2. Navigate to the item in your course that you want to edit
  3. Click Edit on the right-hand side of the activity or resource
  4. Select the 'Edit settings' option from the drop down. They are located towards the bottom of any items settings.
    course settings link

Restrict access

Note: These restrictions are not available for Quizzes, and Summative assessment.

Restrictions are rules that dictate who can and can't see content in the course.

Access restrictions

  1. Click the Add restriction... button to begin adding restrictions. Button - add restriction
  2. The options are outlined below, click on the button with the restriction you want to add.
    • Activity completion: Require students to complete (or not complete) another activity before gaining access.
    • Date: Prevent access until (or from) a specified date and time.
    • Grade: Require students to achieve a specified grade.
    • Group: Allow only students who belong to a specified group, or all groups. This option is also available through a button in Common module settings
    • Grouping: Allow only students who belong to a group within a specified grouping.
    • User profile: Control access based on fields within the student's profile.
    • Restriction set: Add a set of nested restrictions to apply complex logic. 
  3. For each restriction added, choose from the drop down if the student 'must' or 'must not' match the requirement. 
    restrict access_must&must not

  4. In this example, an Activity completion requirement is being added. Choose the activity from the drop down. number 1 grey The Please set notification will stay until this has been done. BTN_please set
  5. Choose what action you want the student to be restricted on. number 2 grey
    restrict_activity completion example

  6. If you add more than one restriction, you must choose if the student is responsible for 'all' or 'any' of the requirements added. If you select all, the student has to complete each requirement you put in place, if you select any then the student has to complete at least one of the requirements.
    restrict access_all&any.jpg

  7. By default, the activity or resource will be displayed greyed out to those students who have not completed the requirements. If you click the eye icon next to each requirement, you can hide the item entirely unless the student meets the requirements. 
  8. Once you've finished adding your restrictions, click either Save and return to course BTN_save and return to course or Save and display BTN_save and display if you want to preview the item. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 1:22 PM