Student Engagement

The student engagement tab in the Teaching Dashboard provides an overview of a student's engagement in all courses within their program. Information is available for the current and past study periods.

  1. Follow steps 1-6 of the Access Dashboard help resource to access the course.
  2. Click on the Students tab. number 1 grey
  3. Click on the specific students ID that you want to see the engagement report for. number 2 grey
    students in a course

  4. Click on the Student Engagement tab.
    student engagement

  5. Assessment details for the student's current courses will display at the top of the screen including:
    • Course details
    • Assessment names
    • Assessment type
    • Assessment due date
    • Grade and submission time
    • An expand function that will display assessments from previous courses
      student engagement_assessment

  6. Engagement detail for all courses in the student's program will display in the lower section of the screen including:

    • Course name and study period

    • Current grade average across all assessments in the course

    • Number of times the student has logged into the site

    • Number of discussion forum contributions

    • Number of times the student has viewed lecture recordings

    • Number of assessments submitted late

    • Number of assessments that have not been submitted electronically or recorded in learnonline
      student engagement_all courses.

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