Connect Multiple Offerings to a Course

Note: Whether you are copying or creating a course site you need to ensure you select all offerings in the initial process.

If this has not occurred you can log a job to have this done. learnOnline Help Desk will require the following details in an email depending on the situation:

  1. Only one course site exists - the other desired offering(s) don't have a site yet
  2. Multiple course sites exist - you want them all together on one site
    • The URL of the site you want to keep as the ONLY site eg
    • The URL of the site(s) you don't want to keep - acknowledging you are aware that ALL content of these sites will be deleted and not able to be recovered
    • Which offering(s) you would like connected eg Internal Whyalla, Internal City West, External etc

Last modified: Thursday, 5 December 2019, 10:34 AM