Group Self-Selection Settings

The following settings are applicable when you have added a Group Self-Selection activity to your course. 

Group Self-Selection - General

  • Name the activity with an appropriate name. number 1 grey
  • Provide a Description of the purpose of this activity, that is, for students to add themselves to a group. number 2 grey
  • If you enable the time options, you can allow specific time frames for the activity to open and close by. number 3 grey
  • Select the overarching grouping that contains the groups you want students to enrol in. number 4 grey
  • These options allow you to set limitations around the number of students in each group. number 5 grey
    group self select_general settings

Group Self-Selection - General permissions

The General permissions section allows you to set the permissions that you want the students to have whilst interacting with the group, this may vary depending on the purpose of your groups.

group self select_general permissions

Miscellaneous settings

The Miscellaneous settings allow you to assign a supervisor to the group, manage this role, hide groups that have no room left from being viewed, display a warning if the Open until date is reached and to automatically delete empty groups if all members leave.

group self select_Miscellaneous settings

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