Add or Remove Groups from a Grouping

After you have manually created a grouping, you can add or remove groups that are attached to this grouping. The groups you want to add must be created first, unless you're adding the default groups for the course.

Adding Groups to a Grouping

  1. Locate the ADMINISTRATION block on your course homepage and select the 'Users' link. number 1 grey
  2. Click the 'Groups' link. number 2 grey
    administration block_groups

  3. Click on the Groupings tab.
    groupings tab

  4. Click on the Show groups in groupings icon.
    groupings_show groups in grouping

  5. Locate the group or groups in the Potential members list that you want to add to the grouping and select them. number 1 grey
    Multiple groups can be selected at once by holding the Ctrl key while selecting the group names. 
  6. Click the < Add button. number 2 grey
    The page will refresh and the updated lists will display.
    add groups to grouping

Removing Groups from a Grouping

  1. To remove groups, follow steps 1 - 4 of Adding Groups to a Grouping.
  2. Select the group or groups from the Existing members list that you want to remove from the grouping, this will move them back in the Potential members list. number 1 grey
  3. Click the Remove > button. The page will refresh and the updated lists will display. number 2 grey
    remove groups from grouping.j

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