Assessment Reports - Date vs Grades

This report illustrates the relationship between the submission dates for and the grades that students received. This can be used to identify groups of students at risk.

Report Navigation & Interpretation 

Each circle represents a group of students compiled based on the date of their submission and the grade they received. The colour of the circle indicates the density of students in each group. Hovering your mouse over one of the circles will display a summary of the information represented. 

  • Select the names of different assessments from the View Summative Assessment drop down to view this report for other submissions. number 1 grey
  • The Legend is a colour key showing the density of each circle (or group of students). number 2 grey
  • This is a snapshot of the number of students who have and have not submitted for this assessment. number 3 grey
  • Click Download to obtain a copy of the raw data used in the report as a spreadsheet. number 4 grey
    assessment report - date vs grade

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