Recording Reports - Recording Time Watched

This report provides an overview of the total viewing time for all course recordings, by recording. This report can be used to identify which recordings are being viewed most frequently. 

Report Navigation & Interpretation 

  • To get to this report please follow the steps outlined in the Access Dashboard Help Resource. 
  • From the Analytics Dashboard navigate to Recording Reports and select Recording Time Watched from the drop down.

Screenshot of the Analytics dashboard showing how to select recording reports as outlined in above text

  • The Recording Type drop down lets you filter the report to display: Lecture Recordings - only displays time watched for lecture recordings. Course Recordings - displays time watched for all other Panopto recordings in your course except lecture recordings. All - displays time watched for both lecture recordings and other Panopto recordings. number 1 grey
  • Selecting Time Watched enables a drop down that lets you sort the recordings by least watched or most watched. Selecting Most will display the recordings with most minutes viewed first. Selecting Least will display the recordings with least minutes viewed first. number 2 grey
  • Selecting Recordings enables a drop down that lets you sort the recordings by earliest or latest recording date. Earliest will show the first recording added to the course on top. Latest will show the last recording added to the course on top. number 3 grey
  • Hovering your mouse over the blue bar graph will give you the total watch time in minutes. grey number 4

 Screenshot of the Recording time watched dashboard showing all steps described in the text above

Last modified: Tuesday, 1 September 2020, 9:09 AM