Allocating or Removing Extension Approvers

Only those staff who have been allocated by the coordinator can approve extensions, otherwise the default is only the coordinator for new assessments.
When you convert a formative assessment to a summative assessment, there are no defaults and so all approvers required will need to be added before you can save.

The Advanced options in the assignment settings allows you to allocate or remove who can approve extensions. 

By default the course coordinator has access to approve extensions but additional staff can be added. The possible staff and their roles are located on the right-hand side under Available options.

  1. To add an approver, select the staff members name on the right-hand side. number 1 grey
  2. Click the < arrow to add them to the Selected options on the left-hand side. number 2 grey
    assignment settings_advanced options

  3. To remove an approver, select the name from the Selected options list and click the > arrow to add them to the Available options list. This means they can no longer approve extensions.
    Note: At least one staff member must be in the Selected options list.
  4. Click either Save and return to course Button_save and return to course or Save and display Button - save and display if you want to preview the assignment.

Last modified: Friday, 3 January 2020, 12:42 PM