Access and View Student Submissions

View Individual Assessments

The most direct place to open assessments is by opening the learning activity from where it is embedded in the course site. This is how students access the activity. Look for your assessment titles or the Assignment or Quiz icon. This will directly open the Gradebook to the submissions for that activity.

Assignment iconQuiz Icon

Leave the default as all participants or sort to view by group or campus offering from the Visible groups dropdown menu.

Screenshot of view all submissions

View Individual Assessments from the Gradebook

Open the Gradebook from the Administration menu.

find student gradebook

Hint: to include formative activities adjust the drop-down menu.

View Quiz Submissions

  1. Find the activity in the Gradebook
  2. Click on the magnifying glass to view submission.

Note: there will be a - until the student has attempted the quiz.

quiz results

View File Submissions and Originality Report

  1. Click on the assignment name to open or save the file. (Each browser behaves slightly differently.)
  2. Click on the Similarity Percentage to view the report. See the resources on Interpreting Turnitin by the Academic Integrity Office or get in contact with them for assistance.

View Online Text

  1. Click on the magnifying glass to view all the text submitted by the student.
  2. The system will put the number of words at the bottom to indicate if you have more to view. Whether or not you have to click on the magnifying glass will be determined by the number of words you have allowed the students to submit.

Mahara ePortfolio

  1. Click on the magnifying glass or the students ePortfolio name to view their submission.

Note: Students may need to submit the portfolio as a 

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Video Assignment (aka UniSA Media/Helix)

Click on View Submission to view the video the student has uploaded.

You could also click on the magnifying glass at the end of the date/time the student submitted.

The system will indicate if the student hasn't uploaded anything by listing: Nothing has been submitted to the UniSA Media Library for this assignment under Student (last modified).
NOTE: If you click on View Submission and you are given the option to Upload or Search this means that the Link to Student Help on: submitting a video assignment. Specifically they have clicked Save changes once they have uploaded their movie. In these instances you have two options:

  • Ask the student to submit again ensuring they follow ALL the steps.
  • NOTE: The system will send students an email advising of either a successful submission or a failure in the submission  The system will send 2 emails to students if they have submitted a Video assignment - 1. confirming submission of the assignment and 2. Confirmation email of the UniSA Media location of their file.

helix video submission

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