View and Mark Summative Forums

View a Summative Forum Posts in Context

forum icon

Go to the forum from either opening it where it is embedded in the course site or from the Gradebook. Look for the forum icon or go to the This course menu.

View a Summary of a Student's Forum Activity

  1. Click on the students picture or name in a forum OR open the Navigation Bock and click Participants then view their profile.
  2. Scroll down the student's profile to Miscellaneous and open Forum Posts

Note: This will only show forum posts from within the course, not their other courses.

screenshot of participants menu

Mark a Summative Forum

  1. Click on the discussion name to view the postings.
  2. Select the desired rating for the post. It will autosave.

Screenshot on rating a forum

Note: If a rating dropbox does not appear you will need to check the setting of the Forum.

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