Create & Edit Quiz Categories

Quiz categories are similar to folders; you store questions you've create in them. You can then add them to a quiz. Each course's question bank contains a single, 'Default' category. You can create more, to make it easier to find questions, and to enable you to use random questions and matching questions more easily.

Within the course question bank, you can also create hierarchies of parent categories and subcategories.

  1. On the course homepage, from the ADMINISTRATION block, click Question bank. number 1 grey
  2. Select the 'Categories' option. number 2 grey
    admin block - question bank > categories

  3. On the Edit categories page:
    • Select an appropriate Parent category from the drop down list, this is where the category will 'sit' in the question bank. The 'Top' category means this category is not contained in any other category. number 1 grey
    • Enter a Name for your new category. number 2 grey
    • Enter any Category info that will be useful for users compiling quizzes. number 3 grey
    • Click Add category. The new category displays in the list at the top of the page. number 4 grey
      question bank - add & edit categories

  4. To edit the new category, click the 'Edit this category' icon Edit this category icon next to the category's name.
    Note: The bracketed number after the categories is the number of questions that this category contains. For example, this category category numbercontains 5 questions.

Last modified: Tuesday, 7 January 2020, 2:57 PM