Rubric Override

A rubric allows you to swiftly mark a student's assignment, by clicking the level that the student has attained for each criteria. The rubric then calculates the grade based on points you've allocated. As the points you've allocated can sometimes limit your marking, there is now an option to override the automatically calculated mark.

rubric override example

Enable Override Rubric

  1. If you would like to use the Rubric Override feature, please follow the Create Marking Rubric instructions except rather than choosing 'Rubric' from the Grading Method, select 'Rubric (with override mark)'.
    Note: This change will not automatically carry over your previously used rubric.
    assignment settings_rubric override

  2. When you come to mark your students, mark them as usual with the rubric. If you want to override the mark, click the Override checkbox:
    rubric override example1

  3. Change the mark.
    rubric override example 2

  4. Continue marking as you normally would.
    Note: You can un-check the box at any stage and the mark will revert to the automatically calculated one. 

Last modified: Thursday, 9 January 2020, 10:07 AM