Reuse a Summative Forum

If you choose to reuse a summative forum the choices you made previously will still be there so minimal edits are required to get them ready for the next study period. 

  1. On the course homepage, Turn editing onturn editing on
  2. Select 'Edit settings' for the forum you want to reuse:
    forum_reuse summative_edit settings

  3. Click Modify Assessment method.
    forums > modify assessment method

  4. Select the summative assessment this quiz is associated with through the Course Outline. number 1 grey
    You can check multiple boxes if multiple offerings in your course are meant to undertake this quiz. 
  5. Click Proceed to settingsnumber 2 grey
    modify assessment method_choose CO options

  6. The forum name will default from the Course Outline but can be edited if required. 
  7. Click Save and return to course BTN_save and return to course or Save and display to add question(s) for students to answer if Q & A forum was selected previously.Save and display 

    Note: After saving, if the system takes you back to the course homepage then your forum has saved. If it takes you back to the top of the setting page you need to scroll down and there will be a red box indicating where there is an issue. For example:
    settings > must supply value

    After addressing the issue, scroll down to the bottom and click Save and return to course or Save and display again.

Last modified: Friday, 17 January 2020, 1:50 PM