Exam Marks in learnonline

Check Settings for Correct Release of Summative Exam Results

As the release and timing of exam results is sensitive, Learning Activities in Learnonline linked with an assessment defined in Course Outline as an examination are automatically hidden from students.

To check:

  1. Check that the assessment is summative in LO
  2. All summative assessments are linked with an assessment defined in the Course Outline. This is also visible on the Teaching Dashboard.
  3. The assessment type will be labelled as examination.

Entering Paper-based Exam Results

Follow the standard process for entering grades against each student.

Marking an Online Quiz

See this guide on how to view and grade an online quiz. 

Please note: there are recommended setting for Learnonline quizzes if it is to be used for a formal examination. There are these guides for online invigilated exams using RPNow software and these guides cover setting up an uninvigilated exam.

Last modified: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 12:50 PM