Schedule for Someone

Overview of Schedule for

You can assign a person or multiple people to schedule meetings on your behalf. It is also useful for scheduling meetings for people. It allows course coordinators and administrators to set up sessions for tutors. It is a more involved setup than adding an alternative-host but it gives the person access to manage breakout rooms. It resolves the issue of them being unable to run a session at the same time as the host.

Once you have set up your Schedule for permissions, also see Schedule for in learnonline.

See Zoom help page for details Scheduling Privilege and UniSA Zoom roles.

Give Someone Permission to Schedule for you

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in, use your UniSA credentials to sign in
  3. Select Settings from the left menu
  4. Scroll down to Schedule Privilege
  5. Click on the + to the right of Assign scheduling privilege to
  6. In the pop-up window. Add the UniSA email address of the person/people you want to schedule sessions on your behalf, click on Assign. 

 Screenshot of adding assign

screenshot place to add name

Please note: if the person you wish to assign schedule privilege to has not previously associated their account they will need to first sign in to

To schedule for someone else:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in, use your UniSA credentials to log in
  3. Click Schedule a meeting
  4. Set the meeting parameters as needed
  5. In Scheduled for select the user who will host the meeting. You will have access to people who have followed the steps above to give you access.

View of Schedule For options in UniSA Zoom Portal.


View of Schedule For options in Outlook.

After opening Schedule a Meeting Zoom, It is under Advanced Options.

Schedule For Screenshot

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