View or Download Zoom Attendance List

Overview of Marking Attendance

Zoom participants list can be used to recording the attendance of meetings and learning activities. There are other tools for marking attendance in Learnonline.

Requirements for Viewing Attendance in Zoom

HOST ONLY: Reports are limited to the host of the meeting. If the meeting has been set up for you or you are an alternative-host you will be unable to access this tool. 

See Roles in Zoom at UniSA for details.

Please Note:

  • If students join as anonymous or with a private Zoom account it will not record their student ID or show their UniSA email
  • To ensure students show in the attendance list, it is suggested they use the Desktop Zoom App rather than the browser. 
  • If students have used another account in the Desktop App, even if they join from the Learnonline link it will default to the last email used to signin. They can check they are signed in with UniSA credentials in the top right under their profile.

Access Zoom Attendance Reports from within Learnonline

  1. Go to the Zoom activity in the Learnonline course
  2. Click Sessions and select a past session to view
  3. On the right, click the hyperlinked number of participants.
  4. View participants list online
  5. (Optional )To view see email addresses click Export to download a spreadsheet of attendees

Screenshot for participants

screenshot of participants report

Access Zoom Attendance Reports from Online Portal

  1. Go to and Sign in.
  2. In the menu on the left open Reports.
  3. Select Usage. (Not Meetings.)

This will open this page

4. Filter for the meeting using the date range.

5. Click on the hyperlinked number of participants for the meeting. This will give you an overview of who attended the session and for how long. 

Screenshot of hyperlink of participants number

6. To download, tick Export with meeting data and click Export.

meeting participants screenshot

Example csv. Export


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