Setup multiple Presenters or Tutors in Zoom

Tutors Get Setup to Host a Zoom Session 

  1. If using UniSA Zoom for the first time, log onto associate their account
  2. Download the Desktop App and check it is current
  3. Use the SSO option to sign into the Desktop App

sso sign in

Create a Zoom Session with External Presenters

The alternative host option is only available for UniSA accounts. For external presenters see the guide for allowing them to share their screen and run a session.

Creating a Series of Tutorials with Tutors as Alternative in Learnonline

Note: this setup will only work if the course coordinator does not use Zoom during that time period. See alternative steps if it is likely that the course coordinator will be using Zoom to either enter the tutorials or have separate meetings during that time. Use the Schedule For Setup below if this is likely to be an issue.

Only course coordinators currently have permissions to create Zoom sessions within a course. Follow the guides to add a Zoom activity in Learnonline. There are two areas you are likely to need when setting up tutorials.

  1. If it is recurring, select the box. This will freeze the When and Duration, select these first or untick make changes and turn Recurring back on.
  2. Alternative host. Add the tutor for that session into the search bar. If their email can not be found they might first need to associate their UniSA Zoom account.
  3. The tutors will receive an email from Zoom with a host link. They can use the Join Session button from in Learnonline. This will launch the Join Link, but if they are not logged into the App with the UniSA account it will add them as a participant rather than host. 

Use the Schedule for tool to setup Tutorials

This is a more involved process but is required if the course coordinator needs to access Zoom during tutorials. View the guide on Scheduling for someone.

Breakout Rooms

An advanced Zoom feature and possible alternative to using alternative hosts is Breakout rooms. There is a guide on setting this up and the requirements and for large groups you might consider pre-assigning rooms.

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