Share a Zoom Invite

Please Note: the host should not join via the link or they will only have participant privileges.

Share a Zoom Activity within Learnonline

When a Zoom Activity is Setup in Learnonline the students have access from within the course. They will open an activity that has the Zoom icon to see the following page. Zoom Logo 

If the session is open students can use the Join Meeting button at the top or use the blue link.

Zoom link page in learnonline 

Note: The activity will need to be visible. 

Invite Participants from Meeting Setup in Zoom

To invite people to a meeting created directly in Zoom, at or in the Zoom Desktop App:

  1. Select the Meeting from your list
  2. Find Copy Invitation and paste into an email
  3. Send either just the join link or include the suggested instructions created by Zoom

Please note: Unlike joining from within Learnonline, this method does not automatically use students UniSA Zoom account. Settings

Settings zoom

Zoom App

App join link

Embed General Zoom Meeting Link in Learnonline for Students

Adding a session by Zoom Activity is preferable but there might be a need to share a link to meeting created outside of Learn Online. For example, this could be to provide drop-in sessions with a tutor.

A Join URL can be pasted as text into a Learnonline course site. Including information about the session like in the screenshot above will assist students.

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 10:18 PM