Bulk emailing students who have not recently logged in

New functionality has been added to the course dashboard on the staff portal. It is now possible to bulk email students who are not engaging with your course site based on the number of times they have logged in.

The below help outlines the steps to follow to generate the report and email the students.

Log in to the staff portal and go to the course dashboard.

You will see a new banner. Click on the Create> button to access the report.
Click on Create button

The report screen is displayed.

Select the report filter options:

  1. Students who have never logged in, or
  2. You can choose the report parameters. Select the minimum log in number and the number of days since last log in.
  3. Click on Run Report

Select report option

The report is displayed below the filters.

Report generated

To email all the students displayed in the report, click on Create Bulk Email in the filter section.

Click Create Bulk Email

The email template is generated. 

  1. The default text is displayed which you can edit.
  2. To see what the students will receive, click on Preview Results.
  3. To email students, click Send Email. You will see a pop up to confirm the emails have been sent.
  4. To run another report or to return, click Return to Report.

email template

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 1:52 PM