Remote Desktop with Zoom

Zoom can be used to provide remote support to a participant. With their permission, the host can control the mouse on their computer.

  1. Go to the UniSA Zoom web portal and check this feature is enabled in your account. Settings > Remote support > turned on
  2. Open a meeting in the Zoom Desktop App and wait for the participant to join
  3. Go to the View Options at the top of the screen and 
  4. The participant will receive a pop-up invitation to allow you to control their device
  5. The participant will also need to join via the App and they may also need to go into their settings to enable remote access to all their applications

Screenshot of Zoom view options button

For more details scroll down in this Zoom support page to view the help on using remote sessions.

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 5:48 PM