Invite External Presenters or Participants

Provide Access

To include participants, presenter or panellist who do not have a UniSA email check the meeting settings. 

For security all UniSA Zoom meetings require some form of authentication in Zoom. The people you invite will need a free Zoom account, which can be simply created using an email or social media accounts.

  • Go to
  • Open the Settings in the left menu
  • Under the Authentication section, check the authentication method is just 'Zoom login' rather than 'UniSA Login.'


Share the LInk

People without a UniSA email will be unable to access Learnonline. Share the meeting link in an email or from the meeting settings in the Web Portal,

Enabling External Presenters to Share Screen

Prior to a meeting starting, only people with a UniSA email can be added as an alternative-host.

To enable external presenters to share their screen and slide presentations

  1. Send them the link to join the session as a participant
  2. Start the session
  3. Once they have joined open the Manage Participants panel from the bottom toolbar
  4. Click on More next to their name
  5. Make Co-Host 
  6. The presenter can then use the Share Screen tool to display their slides

Hint: this can be done prior to the advertised start time

Manage participants

Presenters will need

  • A free Zoom account
  • Audio, video and PowerPoint as required
  • The App is required for Webinars and highly recommended for meetings
Last modified: Thursday, 7 January 2021, 1:51 PM