Download Adobe Connect Recordings

Post 01 October 2020 there will be no access to Adobe Connect Content, if there is essential content in Adobe Connect it will need to be manually downloaded to retain access to Recordings.


Internet Browser: You must use Chrome or Internet Explorer, other browsers may work but you may need to review your browser settings.

Browser Icons

Adobe Connect App: Download the Adobe Connect Meeting App prior to starting or follow the prompts during the below process.

Host: Only the Adobe Connect Meeting HOST will have access to download content.

Download Recordings

  1. See Pre-conditions above.
  2. Go to log in using your UniSA username and password.
  3. You will be logged into the Adobe Connect web interface, with your dashboard displayed.

  4. Locate the meeting which contains the recording you want to download in the list, and hover over the meeting name. 
  5. Click on the edit icon, as shown below

  6.  Click on the Recordings tab.

  7. All recordings for the selected meeting room will be displayed.
  8. In the Actions column, for the recording you want to download, click on Make Offline.

  9. The next step may look different depending on your browser, you will have the option to Open the Adobe Connect Desktop Application , if you have already installed it, OR Download the Adobe Connect Application if you have not .   If you select to download the application at this point follow the prompts to install.

  10. The Adobe Connect Desktop Application is launched and the Offline Recording information screen is displayed, take note of recommendations for screen resolution, other activity and power saving settings

  11. Click Next, the Offline recording settings are displayed.  Choose the appropriate settings for the recording, or leave as the default settings which will provide a high quality MP4 file. 
    Tip: For a higher definition MP4 recording choose Full HD in the Video quality presets, note this will result in a larger file size.

  12. Click on Proceed with Offline Recording
  13. Save As is displayed, Select a Location for the downloaded recordings, then click Save.
  14. The Recording will play in its entirety.  There is no way to speed this up.  You can continue with other work but avoid activities which might effect your network connection, ensure that your computer doesn't go into sleep mode (see advice above re screen saver and power saving settings).
  15. When the recording is complete, the following Recording Summary is displayed.

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