Add Time Slots and Send Invitations

Add Time Slots

Once you've created the Scheduler, you can begin adding time slots to which students will be able to sign up. You can add a single slot, or multiple sets of slots for a single activity - for example, you can add slots for both the Instructor and Tutors. When booking appointments, students will be able to see which staff member is assigned to the slot they are signing up to. You can also create repeating blocks of time slots.

Add a single slot

  1. On the Scheduler activity's home page, click Add a single slot.
    scheduler_add single slot

  2. On the Add single slot page:
    1. Select the appointment Date and time.
    2. Enter the Duration of the appointment in minutes.
    3. Use care when deciding whether to Ignore scheduling conflicts.
    4. Select whether to Allow multiple students per slot, and whether you'll allow a specific or an Unlimited number of students to attend per slot.
    5. Enter a Location for the meeting.
    6. Select the appropriate person for the meeting (who the student is meeting with).
    7. Select the date from which to Display appointment to students, and Enable the date fields and enter a date on which to Email a reminder to them.
    8. Add any necessary Comments.
      scheduler_single slot options

  3. If you want to pre-define who you are meeting, choose the student for this appointment.
  4. Click Save changes.

Add multiple slots

  1. On the scheduler activity's home page, click Add repeated slots.
    scheduler_add repeated slots

  2. These settings are the same as the ones discussed above, except, in addition, there are areas to define the repeated time slots.
  3. Click Save Changes. 

Send Invitations & Reminders

You can send an invitation to students to schedule their appointment, and a reminder to do so, closer to the date.

  1. On the course homepage, click the link for the Scheduler activity.
    Scheduler_find in course

  2. On the activity's homepage, scroll to just before the Schedule by student section.
  3. Depending on what notification you want to send choose to '
    1. Send invitation 
    2. or Send reminder

scheduler_send emails

  1. Click the checkbox next to the name of the recipients that you want to send a message to. 
  2. Select if you want a copy of the message to be sent to you. 
  3. Edit the default subject if required. 
  4. Edit the default message details if necessary. 
  5. Click Send message. 

scheduler_email_choose time slot.png

Last modified: Monday, 29 June 2020, 2:11 PM