New Features in UniSA Zoom - release 24 September 2020

Thanks to feedback from UniSA Zoom users, we have developed some new features to support the use of Zoom at UniSA.  The following new features were released in learnonline on 24 September 2020, each of the features below link to a help resource, which provides more information.  The changes required a change to the license type that UniSA use, this change has also provided additional functionality in core Zoom as well as the changes implemented in learnonline.

learnonline features

  • Zoom updated activity settings - description of the Zoom settings now available in learnonline, including a short description and recommended settings.
  • Schedule for - this setting will allow you to schedule a session for another users, who will be the HOST of the session.  This will assist in overcoming the problem with alternate hosts running sessions which overlap with the Host / scheduler.
  • Zoom Recordings folder - Course recordings will now be moved automatically to Panopto and displayed in the Zoom Recordings folder automatically.

Zoom core features

Last modified: Tuesday, 8 September 2020, 3:59 PM