Schedule for in learnonline

"Schedule for" is a feature in Zoom which allows one user (Scheduler) to schedule  a session for another user (Schedule for).  Using Schedule for makes the Schedule for user the HOST of the session, unlike Alternate Host which maintains the Scheduler as the host. 

Note: Using Schedule for overcomes the limitation of a HOST having overlapping or concurrent sessions with and Alternate host(s).


  • The Schedule for user must give the Scheduler permission to schedule Zoom sessions on their behalf.  See Schedule for someone.
  • Both the Schedule for and the Scheduler must have teaching roles in the course.

Schedule For

  1. Create a new Zoom sessions or edit and existing setting. See Add a Zoom Activity to learnonline.
  2. In the settings, if the above conditions are true, you will see the setting Schedule For, the users you have permission to Schedule For will be listed in the drop down.
  3. Once you have completed setting up the session, choose or .

Note: There are some simple Grade Settings in the Zoom session however the sessions can't be made summative.

    Last modified: Tuesday, 8 September 2020, 4:11 PM