Recording Reports - Recording Views by Timeline

This report illustrates the number of views at each minute of a selected recording. This can be used to identify important or less important parts of a recording.  

Report Navigation & Interpretation 

  • To get to this report please follow the steps outlined in the Access Dashboard Help Resource. 
  • From the Analytics Dashboard navigate to Recording Reports and select Recording Views by Timeline from the drop down.

Screenshot of the Analytics dashboard showing how to select recording reports as outlined in above text

The view numbers are displayed on the Y-axis/left-hand side. The minutes of the recording timeline are displayed on the X-axis.  

  • The View Recording drop down lets you select one particular recording from all recordings in the course. number 1 grey
  • Hovering your mouse over the dots of the line graph will give you the number of views at a given time.  number 2 grey

Screenshot of the "recording views by timeline" dashboard showing how to use the reports as outlined in above text

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