Zoom Cloud Recordings

From 24 September 2020, staff will be able to view their Zoom Cloud recordings via the Zoom interface for a limited amount of time (14 days).  Zoom recordings are automatically uploaded to Panopto, and will be persistent in Panopto.  In some cases you may want to review your recordings in Zoom.

  1. Go to https://unisa.zoom.us/ and Sign in using your UniSA username and password.
    Image of Zoom login screen with Sign in highlighted.
  2. In Zoom, select Recordings.
  3. All Cloud Recordings will be listed with their expected removal date.
    Note: all recordings are copied into Panopto, so are not required to be persistent in Zoom.
    Image of Zoom Cloud Recordings screen with Recordings highlighted.
Last modified: Tuesday, 8 September 2020, 4:35 PM