Mathematical and Scientific Notations (ATTO Editor)

The Atto text editor provides a way to create mathematical and scientific notations. This function can be used for any activity or resource that provides access to the text editor. 

Note: The described function is only available in the Atto editor not in the TinyMCE editor. Refer to the help resource Mathematical and Scientific Notations (TinyMCE Editor) for explanations on how to use mathematical and scientific notations in the Tiny MCE editor.  

Alternatively you can switch your editors: click on your profile name in the top right corner, choose Preferences, click User and select Editor preferences. You can now select your preferred editor and save changes.  



1. Navigate to the text editor in the setting section of your activity or resource and click on the Equation editor button. 

2. Enter your LaTeX equation into the provided editing window. MyScript provides a tool to easily convert handwritten equations into LaTeX. Simply copy the LaTeX equation from the website and paste it into the provided editing window. 

3. Alternatively you can click on Advanced and use pre-defined formulas.  

4. LaTeX equations from the editing window are displayed in the preview window. 

Screenshot showing where to find the equation in the preview window 

5. To change the LaTeX equation click on the desired position of the equation in the editing window. An arrow in the preview window indicates the position that you are intending to work on. Now you can delete, change or add numbers and symbols.  

6. To add further equations enter the new LaTeX equation either below or next to the existing equation in the editing window. The new equation will be displayed in the preview window alongside the previously entered equations. 

7. When you entered all equations click on Save equation at the bottom of the window. You will return to the text editor with the equations added to your text in LaTeX form. You can now continue adding text around the equation. 

Note: The text editor does not automatically add line breaks. Therefore, longer equations should be broken into multiple lines by adding "\\" in front of the part that should appear in the next line.  

8. If you want to edit an existing equation that is saved in the text editor, click on the equation in the text editor. This will highlight the Equation editor button grey. If you click the Equation editor button the equation will appear in the editing window ready to be edited. 

Screenshot of the text editor showing where to find the "insert equation" button


Last modified: Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 7:20 AM