Zoom Transcript

From 24 September 2020, staff will be able to use Zoom transcript.

Note: Once uploaded to Panopto, transcriptions will be displayed in Panopto Captions, and can be edited via Panopto.  See View, auto create and edit captions.

  1. Go to https://unisa.zoom.us/ and Sign in using your UniSA username and password.
    Image of Zoom login screen with Sign in highlighted.
  2. In Zoom, select Settings.
  3. Choose Recording settings.
  4. Enable Audio Transcript.
    Image of Zoom Recording settings with Audio transcript enabled.

Meeting recordings will automatically include a transcript when viewing the Cloud Recording version, and will be translated to Panopto captions, once either automatically or manually uploaded to Panopto.  See the Panopto Help resource View, auto create and edit captions for more information about managing captions.

Last modified: Tuesday, 22 September 2020, 2:59 PM