Create Manual Groups

You can create manual groups of students and staff associated with the course in addition to the default groups that are in your course. 

  1. To manually create a group, locate the ADMINISTRATION block on your course homepage and select the 'Users' link. number 1 grey
  2. Click the 'Groups' link. number 2 grey
    Groups_Administration block_groups link

  3. The Default groups will be displayed here, click the Create group button underneath.
    create manual groups 

  4. Groups - General

    • Name the group. number 1 grey
    • Provide a description of the group if required. number 2 grey
    • Decide if you want the group to have an Enrolment key, this will enable access to the group to be restricted to only those who know the key. number 3 grey
    • Upload a picture for the group if required, and choose if you want the picture to be displayed or not. number 4 grey
    • Click Save Changes to save the group. You will then be returned to the Groups page above where the new group will be displayed. number 5 grey
      Create group_general settings

Last modified: Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 3:24 PM