CEI and SET historic data

Course Evaluation Instrument (CEI)

To access historical CEI results, visit the resources available on the Current Student Evaluations page on BI Hub

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

Teachers who were evaluated by students can access their personal historic SET data via the following link.

Access personal historic SET results

Help resources on accessing personal historic SET data are available at Help with personal historic SET results

Note: SET evaluations were not created automatically and data will only exist if a SET was created by the teacher and completed by students.

SET data access by other staff

Heads of School, Deans Teaching & Learning and Divisional Pro Vice Chancellors can access historical SET results using the resources in the Restricted Student Evaluation of Teaching Folder in BI Reporting.

Course Coordinators and Program Directors can request reports through their Head of School or School Manager who will lodge a VIP Request to Business Intelligence and Planning.

Requests that fall outside of the scope above should be lodged using the University's request for data form

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