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    This website is due to be decommissioned.

    Please note that from August 2019, the website will no longer be updated, and parts will be hidden.  

    Some of the resources may still be useful,and many of them will be relocated at a later stage. Please use them at your own discretion. 



    Teaching and learning opportunities


    ereserve ereadings system

    Peer review


    A new reading list management and copyright system (eReserve) has replaced the existing Digital Reading Service (DRS).

    Peer partnerships

    The  Peer Partnerships program enables teaching staff to work with a colleague to critically reflect on their teaching practice


    Grad Dip Ed St (Digital learning) Sheldon the robotic

    Graduate Dip Ed St

    The Teaching Innovation Unit is offering staff the opportunity to complete a Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies. The next intake begins in Study Period 3, 2019. 

    Clinical telepresence

    Sheldon, the Double robotic, is a member of the HSC Div. We can help you to incorporate the use of this remote presence tool in clinical learning scenarios. 


    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources Recording lectures

    Aboriginal clinical placement resources

    Check out this set of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clinical placement resources, developed by the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives.

    Recording lectures

    As we move more into flexible and online delivery of courses, most academics will need to produce recorded lectures at some stage. These guidelines on recording with Panopto will help you to get started. 


    Thomas Hurtle video resource Learning and teaching repository

    Inter-professional learning

    The Thomas Hurtle Video Resource is an inter-professional learning resource created to show a patient's interaction with a variety of health health care disciplines.

    Teaching and learning resources

    Check out the Teaching and Learning repository - an extensive, searchable database of teaching and learning resources and research.


    Student group work UniSA Professional Development

    Collaborative learning

    Collaborative learning encompasses a whole host of learning approaches which use the group and team approach to student work.

    Professional development

    UniSA provides a range of opportunities for ongoing learning and development. Your local people team are best placed to advise you with general HR/people related queries.