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      What is PASS?

      PASS is an internationally accredited program.  The aim of PASS is to enable students to understand the key concepts of their study courses and to achieve their best possible results.

      Weekly 50 minutes group work PASS sessions are facilitated by students who have mastered the respective PASS course content and want to help other students succeed.

      PASS is not a remedial program but is for all students, whether to improve from a Distinction to a High Distinction; a PASS to a Credit or even just to obtain a Pass grade.

      Why attend PASS?

      PASS gives students the chance to meet in small groups with other students in the same course to compare notes, discuss concepts and develop academic skills for ongoing learning and success.

      PASS Leaders respond to the needs of the students in an informal environment where students can ask questions and gain strategies for learning and revising course material.  The focus of each session is determined by the needs of the group.

      National PASS programs have demonstrated clear improvements in students' grades as a result of their involvement in PASS.

      PASS is free and students don't need to sign up.  However, PASS is only available in selected courses.  Students can simply turn up at the session time that best suits them.  Regular attendance gives students the chance to get to know other students and maximise their own learning.

      How is PASS different from Tutorials?

      Tutors often bring set questions to the tutorials for students to work through, and directly answer questions raised during tutorial sessions.  PASS Leaders start with the questions PASS students raise, and assist PASS students to work together to find the correct answers.  PASS Leaders will also have activities and questions to discuss.  They help students to develop their understanding of concepts by using:

      • Lecture notes
      • Tutorial materials
      • Textbooks
      • Group discussions
      • Creative exercises

      It's a great way to consolidate learning and develop techniques for effective study.  PASS is usually only offered with first year courses, but can extend to later courses that students find difficult, with the goal of assisting students to develop transferable study skills which will assist them in future courses.

      Are you interested or do you have any questions?

      Please contact:

      Lorraine Overton
      Project Officer: Orientation and Transition
      T: 08 8302 4209

      • Topic 2

        Timetables for SP2 2018 - Begins Week 2

        Timetables on your course homepage

        PASS is run in SP2 at Magill Campus on the following courses:

        • Psychology 1A
        • Counselling Foundations
        • Social Enquiry Methods
        • Human Service Provision
        • Ideas, Innovation and Communication
        • News Reporting
        • The Social World
        • Language and Literacy for Learning
        • Learning and Cognition
        • Humanities and Social Sciences Education


        PASS is run in SP2 at Mawson Lakes Campus on the following courses:

        • Language and Literacy for Learning
        • Learning and Cognition
        • Humanities and Social Sciences Education
        • Elementary Mathematics for Education Students

        PASS is run in SP2 at City West Campus on the following courses:

        • Reading Visual Culture 1
        • Design Studio 1 (Foundation)
        • Design Culture and Environment

        PASS is run in SP2 at Mt Gambier and Whyalla campuses on the following courses via Skype:

         Courses and timetables coming soon


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          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

          Do I need to enrol or register for these sessions?

          No, you do not need to enrol or register for these sessions.  You just turn up on the day.  The timetables are always on display on the sandwich boards/A Frames located in the Library.  

          Do I have to pay to attend PASS?

          No, the sessions are free.

          Can the PASS Leaders proof read my assignments?

          No, the PASS Leaders are there to facilitate the session.  Whilst they have completed the course previously and they have done well, it is not their role to proof read your work.  They are volunteers and are there to assist you by facilitating discussion around the course content.

          Can I just drop in for a few minutes to get my questions answered?

          PASS is a weekly one hour facilitated study session, not a drop-in session.  

          What are the benefits of attending a PASS session?

          Students who have attended PASS sessions have indicated that PASS helped them by:

          • providing a friendly, informal session where they could interact with more experienced students who have completed the course previously and done well,
          • allowing them to make friends and meet other students,
          • facilitating them to consolidate their learning and understanding of the course content,
          • providing a safe environment for them to discuss their ideas and hear others' ideas,
          • improving their grades.

          When do the PASS sessions run?

          The PASS timetables are displayed above, but may be changed as the study period gets underway if scheduled times do not suit the majority of students.  We will always try to schedule sessions to suit as many students as possible.  However, the timetable must also cater to the experienced students who are volunteering their time to help you.  Any timetable changes will be reflected on the A-Frames at the Library entrance and above.

          Can I just come to a single session?

          You can attend a single session, however, previous results have shown that the more regularly students attend PASS, the greater the success they have with the course.  Students who attend more PASS sessions are more likely to be able to raise their final grade for the course.