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  • Publishing your research

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    Not sure how you should be recognised in a publication? Author order is a simple tool to help you decide who should be listed as authors and in what order on a joint publication.

      Publishing your research is an online workshop for students doing higher degrees by research. Participating in this workshop will help you to complete your Final Review of Progress

    There are many reasons for publishing your research findings. For example, you:

    • make a public contribution to and advance your field of knowledge
    • fulfil your academic responsibilities by exposing your work to scrutiny by your peers
    • achieve academic status by becoming known as an authority in your field.

    In addition, the University's academic regulations for higher degrees by research require that your thesis:

    • makes a significant original contribution to knowledge or the application of knowledge within the field of study or both
    • is worthy of publication in any appropriate form.

    Do you have a comment or question? Contribute to the discussion forum for this workshop. Note that in regards to your own research project, your supervisor/s is your first contact.

    When you have completed this online workshop, you should have... (learning objectives)





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