•    Focus                                                                                              Activities for Self

    Exploring understandings about assessment and moderation  

     What do we know about…                                                                 Complete Survey 1

    • assessment?                                                                             Read  Research Paper 1 and reflect
    • moderation?                                                   

     Are our understandings consistent…                                                  Document key points

    • within the team?                                                                       
    • across borders?

    with policy or guidelines?


    Mapping existing moderation practices in transnational programs

     What do we currently do?                                                                 Complete Survey 2

    • Do we have policies or guidelines?                                           Complete brief checklist
    • Who knows about them?
    • Are they followed—how do we know?                                      Read Research Paper 2 
    • Are policies reviewed?                                                            

                                                                                                               Identify issues


    Examining expectations about assessment in transnational programs

    What are our responsibilities?

    • What does comparable mean?                                               Complete Survey 3
    • What makes assessments comparable?                                 
    • Who determines standards, and how?                                   Read Case Study 1 and propose a solution

                                                                                                              Read Research Paper 3


    Building effective transnational relationships

    •  How do we communicate?                                                                                  Read Case Study 2
    • How do we come to understand others’ views and positions on assessment?   Read Research Paper 4 
    • Who makes decisions?                                                                                         Plan for change as required 
    • Trust—what does it mean?