This program steps you through a series of readings and activities that will enable you to critically examine your own practices in transnational unit delivery, and assessment and plan for more successful outcomes.


Module 1 - Exploring understandings about assessment and moderation

What do we know about…

  • assessment?
  • moderation?

Are our understandings consistent…

  • within the team?
  • across borders?
  • with policy or guidelines?

Professional Development Activities for the Individual Teacher



  1. Complete Survey 1 (PDF, 291KB)
  2. Complete Moderation Checklist (PDF, 499KB)
  3. Document key points (for follow-up if necessary)

Module 2Mapping existing moderation practices in transnational programs

What do we currently do?

  • Do we have policies or guidelines?
  • Who knows about them?
  • Are they followed—how do we know?
  • Are policies reviewed?




  1. Complete Survey 2 (PDF, 286KB)
  2. Read Narrative 1 (PDF, 326KB) and propose solutions
  3. Read TNE Research Paper 1 (PDF, 179KB)
  4. Identify issues


Module 3 - Examining expectations about assessment in transnational programs

  • What are our responsibilities?
  • What does comparable mean? What makes programs/assessment comparable?
  • What does equivalent mean? What makes programs/assessment equivalent?
  • Who determines standards, and how?



  1. Complete Survey 3 (PDF, 336KB)
  2. Read Narrative 2 (PDF, 313 KB) and propose solutions
  3. Read Narrative 3 (PDF, 318KB) and propose solutions
  4. Read TNE Research Paper 2 (PDF 284KB)



Module 4 - Building effective transnational relationships

  • How do we communicate?
  • How do we come to understand others’ views and positions on assessment?
  • Who makes decisions?
  • Trust—what does it mean?
  • How do we recognise and resolve differences?



  1. Read Narrative 4 (PDF, 396 KB) and propose solutions
  2. Read TNE Research Paper 3 (PDF, 168 KB)
  3. Review documents in Cultural Section of Toolkit
  4. Plan for change as required



Module 5 - Practicing effective moderation in a transnational environment

  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Reviewing


  1. Visit the following site for a comprehensive treatment of Moderation: Curtin Moderation of Assessment site
  2. Consider the documents: Moderation Strategies (PDF, 395KB) and Moderation: Questions for Reviewing Procedures (PDF, 392 KB)
  3. Review own practices and plan to change as required
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