Writing your assignment

  Think about the topic

Once you have interpreted the task, think about the topic before you start your research. Brainstorm what you already know about the topic and what you need to find out by thinking back to your lectures, tutorials, readings or your own personal experience.  You might surprise yourself with what you already know, and you may also identify gaps in your knowledge which can help you start your initial research process.


  Watch the video

  Video length: 2 minutes, 49 seconds

  Key points from the video

  • Brainstorm ideas early to get you actively engaged with the topic and prepare for the research process.
  • Identify what you already know about the topic and what you might need to find out.
  • Consider how many paragraphs (and therefore ideas) you might need to write - keep in mind the word count.
  • Think about which ideas you might focus on and how you would support and develop these ideas. 
  • Use this initial brainstorming session to build the foundations of your assignment plan.

Note: This video uses an essay for an example, but the brainstorming process can apply for any assignment type (e.g. report, reflection, or case study).

  Think about your assignment topic

Using your notes from the Interpret your task section, complete the text boxes in the mindmap below. Enter the main topic of the assignment in the central box, then add ideas you might use to develop it in the surrounding boxes. Once you have entered all your ideas, progress to the next slide where you can export your text.

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