UniSA email

Email is the main method of contact at UniSA, so check your inbox regularly to stay informed about class changes or cancellations, library reminders, assignment advice etc.  Your email account can be accessed via myUniSA

Click on the image below to find out more about using your UniSA email:

Email image 

Handy tips iconHandy tips

  • Check your emails regularly because this is how you will be contacted for all course and university information.
  • Delete unwanted messages from your inbox and sent items folder to free up space for incoming mail.
  • Regularly empty your deleted items folder.
  • Save bulky email attachments to USB.
  • When emailing university staff (e.g. course coordinators, program directors, tutors), make sure you:
    • identify yourself and your course/program
    • write clearly and in complete sentences (do not use SMS shorthand) 
    • proofread what you have written before sending
    • be respectful and courteous
    • keep copies of your correspondence (you might need to refer to it later).

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