Interpret your task

Understanding the assignment task is an important first step. If you are not clear about what you are expected to do in your assignment, you could waste a lot of time researching, planning and writing about a topic which is not relevant. In turn, you may receive a poor mark because 'you didn't answer the question'. When you analyse the assignment task carefully, you can identify the specific focus so that you are clear what direction to take with your research and ensure you address all aspects of the assignment.

  Watch the video

  Video length: 2 minutes, 43 seconds

  Key points from the video

  • Always check your task instructions in the early stages, before you start writing.
  • Make sure you understand all parts of the assignment.
  • Your task instructions might explain the structure, formatting and type of assignment.
  • The task instructions are usually in your Course Outline, but check your Course site for more information (e.g. feedback forms, assessment tabs, links & guides).
  • When analysing the assignment task, identify:
    • the content words which show what you have to focus on
    • the instruction words which tell you how to approach the content
    • the limits of the assignment.

  Check your understanding

  Analyse your assignment

Locate the task instructions in your course outline and/or on your course site, and use this activity to analyse your assignment.