Writing your essay

  Proofread and edit your essay

Now it is time to proofread and edit your essay to a professional standard. Proofread your essay with fresh eyes to avoid missing any careless mistakes and do this on several occasions, each time paying particular attention to a specific aspect of your writing.  Give yourself plenty of time to proofread so that you can ensure your essay is a well-structured paper which presents a relevant, developed, supported and convincing argument.  

  Watch the video

  Video length: 6 minutes, 57 seconds (Griffith University 2018)

  Key points

  • Do a spelling, punctuation and grammar check before printing a copy for further proofreading.
  • Set your writing aside for a while and read with fresh eyes later.
  • Read your writing out loud so that you can hear it.
  • Ensure your argument is relevant by checking the task instructions and marking criteria.
  • Make sure your evidence is relevant, credible and sufficient.
  • Look at one aspect at a time, for example:
    • relevance 
    • structure (overall and at paragraph level)
    • development of ideas in each paragraph
    • paraphrasing and in-text referencing
    • cohesion and flow
    • academic language
    • grammar, spelling and punctuation at sentence level
    • the reference list.

  Need further tips on proofreading for different aspects of your essay?

Refer to:

  • the Interpret the task section when proofreading for relevance of your argument and ideas
  • the Write the essay  section when checking your overall structure as well as your paragraphs (development, cohesion, language)
  • the Integrate references in your writing section and the Referencing website when checking your paraphrases, format and integration of references in your paragraphs, and when editing your reference list
  • the English section on the Study Help site for guidance on grammar.

You can also submit your assignment draft to Studiosity or book a face-to-face appointment with a Learning Adviser to receive general feedback and advice before finalising and submitting your essay.