Course evaluation

Course evaluation

The maths behind your numbers

The maths behind the MyCourseExperience numbers works as below: 

Strongly disagree -100
Disagree -50
Neutral 0
Agree +50
Strongly agree +100

The score you receive is simply the total of the scores divided by the number of people who respond.

One unfortunate thing to recognise is that a 'neutral' result is actually acting as a 'negative', because it adds nothing to your numerator, but increases the denominator by '1' .

If you go to the 'Cube' to look up your data, it's important to remember that if you only refer to one year, you will see a simple 'mean', but if you access across multiple years, a weighted mean is used.

If you are not a maths person (like me) an explanation of what that means (no pun intended) is below.

Download an explanation of the figures in CEI cubes and reports (267 KB)