Course evaluation

Course evaluation

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Self-assessment / reflection form

I use a reflective task, called “How have you been challenged this week?” I hand out the self-assessment form (downloadable below) and then give the students 15 minutes to fill it in. They then hand it up.

It takes me about 20 minutes to read the completed forms ( for about 30 students). I then feed that back to the group during the next week's session. Note that this will often mean a slightly modified session, because I build in small adjustments based on this feedback.

Most importantly, I make sure that I tell the students, “Thank you; based on your comments, we want to do this”.

Sometimes it takes students a week or two to get into the rhythm of this, but by the end I am getting useful responses. 

Critically, if means that if any student has a serious problem, he/she has had 13 opportunities to mention it!

Download the self-assessment/reflection form (24 KB)

Note that it doesn’t matter so much what tool you use for this type of evaluation; what matters is that you make it about the student, and offer the opportunity for them to communicate with you.