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Lecture Recordings Archived on 22 April

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Lecture Recordings Archived on 22 April
by Wayne Pedder - Tuesday, 7 April 2015, 2:44 PM

Lecture recordings remain available to students for 15 months after which they are archived. We’re going to archive recordings made prior to SP5, 2013 on Wednesday, 22 April. Once archived, recordings can only be restored by logging a Help Desk service request. Content that is in a Course Coordinator’s “personal” area and recordings placed in a courses “ongoing media” section will not be archived.

If you have important recordings that should remain available as “ongoing media” for future students; you will need to email the IT Help Desk and provide the following information which is available in the title of each recording on the lecture recordings page.

  • course name
  • course code
  • class
  • recording date
  • recording time

Requests to have lecture recordings remain as ongoing media need to be emailed to the IT Help Desk prior to Friday, 17 April.