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New Video Annotation Software Released

New Video Annotation Software Released

by Wayne Pedder -
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OVAL (Online Video Annotation for Learning) has been added to the learnonline suite of applications.

The original version of OVAL (named CLAS - Collaborative Lecture Annotation System) was developed at UBC by Shane Dawson and team. CLAS was redeveloped into OVAL as part of a 2014/15 OLT funded project led by UniSA and involving University of Sydney, UNSW and University of Edinburgh. It was trialled in a small number of UniSA courses in 2015/16. During the past twelve months, Jing Gao and his team from IMTS in conjunction with ISTS Learning and Teaching Systems team have further developed OVAL with a complete interface update and Moodle integration.

OVAL includes the following functionality:

  • Course Coordinators can add an OVAL activity to their learnonline course site that will allow them to upload a YouTube or UniSA Media Library video.
  • Students can access the video via their learnonline course site and add annotations to specific points in the video or general comments. Annotations can be public (viewed by course participants) or private.
  • Annotations and comments can be used to promote learning engagement within the course or as a private study tool.

OVAL help resources are available at the following links or contact the ISTS Help Desk team for further assistance.